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  • how to be a good friend

  • how to join in and play

  • identifying and expressing feelings

  • managing anger

  • resisting impulses

  • matching the size of our reactions to the size of the problem

  • initiating and sustaining conversations

  • respecting personal space

  • understanding the power of words

  • finding opportunities for kindness

  • understanding the components of cooperation and teamwork

  • building self-esteem

Social Skills Scholars is organized into multi-week cycles, with one 60-minute class per week. Each class targets a critical aspect of self-management and social competence. Classes are designed to be fun and fully interactive, helping children to learn and grow in an environment that is both safe and engaging.
Students may register for multiple cycles, as each cycle is unique and offers students brand new lessons with corresponding age/grade appropriate activities, games, stories, and arts and crafts.  
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